Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Does size matter?

It is probably not clear for everybody why our hotel has got the name „Grand Hotel Ushba” and certainly some might find it to be a little out of place.

While the capital of Russia has more than 10 million inhabitants, the capital of Svaneti has a little more than 2000 people – that is 5000 times less. While a cathedral in London might house several thousand people, the churches in Svaneti are sometimes overcrowded if there are 7 or 8 people present (see picture to the left above). Grand Hotel Ushba with its 7 rooms is actually one of the larger hotels in Svaneti. Perception of size and dimensions is different in Svaneti compared to many other places in the world.

While Grand Hotel Ushba is grand in size according to Svan standards, it is grand in location and beauty according to global standards. It is located at the foot of the King of Caucasian mountains, Mt. Ushba (4710 m), and since the name Hotel Ushba already was occupied by a hotel in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, it was after all quite natural to name our hotel „Grand Hotel Ushba”. That being said, it also got its name with a generous portion of warm humour.

You are most welcome to our grand hotel!